The SFRA’s publication of record is the SFRA Review (ISSN 1069-395X). Published quarterly, it includes fiction and non-fiction reviews, review essays, pedagogical essays, calls for papers, letters, and official announcements. The SFRA Review is available as an online publication on the SFRA’s website, and members have the option to purchase a printed version with their membership.

The SFRA is also dedicated to promoting research and teaching of science fiction through the publication of anthologies and collections. These include David G. Hartwell and Milton T. Wolf’s Visions of Wonder: The Science Fiction Research Association Reading Anthology (1996), Patricia S. Warrick, Charles G. Waugh, and Martin H. Greenberg’s Science Fiction: The Science Fiction Research Association Anthology (1998), Hal W. Hall, Daryl F. Mallett, and Fiona Kelleghan’s Pilgrims & Pioneers: The History and Speeches of the Science Fiction Research Association Award Winners (1999), and Karen Hellekson, Craig B. Jacobsen, Patrick B. Sharp, and Lisa Yaszek’s Practicing Science Fiction: Critical Essays on Writing, Reading and Teaching the Genre (2010).

Science Fiction Research Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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