2024-2025 (Track B)

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Conrad Scott

Brief Bio

Conrad Scott holds a PhD from and is an Instructor in the University of Alberta’s Department of English and Film Studies, on Treaty 6 / Métis lands, and is an Individualized Study Tutor for the University of Athabasca’s Honours English course on “The Ecological Imagination,” where he holds a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship. He researches contemporary sf and environmental literature, with current projects focused on plant and animal futures, as well as the spatial turn.

His reviews and essays have appeared in Science Fiction StudiesExtrapolationParadoxaTransmotionEnvironmental PhilosophyThe GooseUnderCurrentsCanadian LiteratureThe Routledge Handbook of CoFuturisms (2023), and Animals & SF (Palgrave 2024). He is also a co-editor for the forthcoming Utopian and Dystopian Explorations of Pandemics and Ecological Breakdown: Entangled Futurities (Routledge 2024), and is the author of Waterline Immersion (Frontenac House 2019).


Research Summary

My current projects are multiple, and entangled. The first partially leads out of my PhD work into an examination of spatiality in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam series. The second represents a newer thread of inquiry as part of my postdoctoral work on changes to plants and animals in fiction about the future. Lastly, I continue to research and write creatively about the extrapolated future through two major poetry and prose projects — with the latter encompassing an expanding scope into how the world of today is changing into the potential of tomorrow.

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