Award Committees

* The year reflects the year the award was presented.

The EC greatly encourages interested SFRA members to volunteer for these committees. Any interested members should contact the SFRA Immediate Past President at

2023 Awards Committee for 2022

Lifetime Achievement Jury: Isiah Lavender (ch), Veronica Hollinger, Andy Hageman

Innoative Research Jury: Anna Kurowicka (ch), Haerin Shin, John Rieder

Clareson Jury: Rebekah Sheldon (ch), Jonathan P. Lewis, Graham J. Murphy

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Rich Horton (ch), Zeeshan Siddique, Nora Castle

Student Paper Jury: Josh Pearson (ch), Kania Green, Kathryn Heffner

SFRA Book Award Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Joan Gordon, Dan Hassler-Forest, Chris Pak



2022 Awards Committee for 2021

Lifetime Achievement Jury: Art Evans (ch), Isiah Lavender, Veronica Hollinger

Innovative Research Jury: Ali Sperling (ch), Anna Kurowicka, Haerin Shin

Clareson Jury: Sherryl Vint (ch) Rebekah Sheldon, Jonathan P. Lewis

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Jessica FitzPatrick (ch), Rich Horton, Zeeshan Siddique

Student Paper Jury: Kylie Korsnack (ch), Josh Pearson, Kania Green

SFRA Book Award Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Pawel Frelik, Graham Murphy, Joan Gordon


2021 Awards Committee for 2020

Lifetime Achievement Jury: Amy Ransom (ch), Art Evans, Isiah Lavender

Innovative Research Jury: Stefan Rabitsch (ch), Ali Sperling, Gerry Canavan

Clareson Jury: Veronica Hollinger (ch), Sherryl Vint, Rebekah Sheldon

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Agnieszka Kotwasińska (ch), Jessica FitzPatrick, Rich Horton

Student Paper Jury: David Higgins, Kylie Korsnack, Josh Pearson

SFRA Book Award Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Pawel Frelik, Graham Murphy, Ida Yoshinaga


2020 Awards Committee for 2019

Lifetime Achievement Jury: Joan Gordon (ch), Amy Ransom, Art Evans

Innovative Research Jury: Joan Haran (ch), Stefan Rabitsch, Ben Robertson

Clareson Jury: Pawel Frelik (ch), Veronica Hollinger, Sherryl Vint

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Katherine Bishop (ch), Agnieszka Kotwasińska, Jessica FitzPatrick

Student Paper Jury: Peter Sands (ch), David Higgins, Kylie Korsnack

SFRA Book Award Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Pawel Frelik, Graham Murphy, Ida Yoshinaga


2019 Awards Committee for 2018

Pilgrim Jury: Mark Bould (ch), Joan Gordon, Amy Ransom

Pioneer Jury: Scott Selisker (ch), Joan Haran, Stefan Rabitsch

Clareson Jury: Sonja Fritzsche (ch), Pawel Frelik, Veronica Hollinger

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Thomas Connolly (ch), Katherine Bishop, Agnieszka Kotwasińska

Student Paper Jury: Stina Attebery (ch), Peter Sands, David Higgins


2018 Awards Committee for 2017

Pilgrim Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Mark Bould, Joan Gordon

Pioneer Jury: Siobhan Carroll (ch), Scott Selisker, Joan Haran

Clareson Jury: Rob Latham (ch), Sonja Fritzsche, Paweł Frelik

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Brittany Roberts (ch), Stefan Rabitsch, Thomas Connolly

Student Paper Jury: Hugh Charles O’Connell (ch), Stina Attebery, Peter Sands


2017 Awards Committee for 2016

Pilgrim Jury: John Rieder (ch), Keren Omry, Mark Bould

Pioneer Jury: Gerry Canavan (ch), Siobhan Carroll, Scott Selisker

Clareson Jury: DeWitt Kilgore, Rob Latham, Sonja Fritsche

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Isiah Lavender III, Brittany Roberts, Stefan Rabitsch

Student Paper Jury: Taryne Taylor, Hugh Charles O’Connell, Stina Attebery

2016 Awards Committee for 2015

Pilgrim Jury: Craig Jacobsen (ch), John Rieder, Keren Omry

Pioneer Jury: David Higgins (ch), Gerry Canavan, Siobhan Carroll

Clareson Jury: Grace Dillon (ch), DeWitt Kilgore, Rob Latham

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Larisa Mikhaylova (ch), Isiah Lavender III, Brittany Roberts

Student Paper Jury: Shawn Malley (ch), Taryne Taylor, Hugh Charles O’Connell

2015 Awards Committee for 2014

Pilgrim Jury: Lisa Yaszek (ch), Craig Jacobsen, John Rieder

Pioneer Jury: Amy Ransom (ch), David Higgins, Gerry Canavan

Clareson Jury: Alan Elms (ch), Ed Carmien, DeWitt Kilgore

Mary Kay Bray Jury: T. S. Miller (ch), Larisa Mikhaylova, Isiah Lavender III

Student Paper Jury: Eric Otto (ch), Shawn Malley, Taryne Taylor

2014 Awards Committee for 2013

Pilgrim Jury: Roger Luckhurst (ch), Lisa Yaszek, Craig Jacobsen

Pioneer Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Amy Ransom, David Higgins

Clareson Jury: Alan Elms (ch), Ed Carmien, Grace Dillon

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Joan Haran (ch), T. S. Miller, Larisa Mikhaylova

Student Paper Jury: Sonja Fritzsche (ch), Eric Otto, Shawn Malley

2013 Awards Committee for 2012

Pilgrim Jury: Brian Attebery (ch), Roger Luckhurst, Lisa Yaszek

Pioneer Jury: Neil Easterbrook (ch), Keren Omry, Amy Ransom

Clareson Jury: Joan Gordon (ch), Alan Elms, Ed Carmien

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Sharon Sharp (ch), Joan Haran, T. S. Miller

Student Paper Jury: James Thrall (ch), Sonja Fritzsche, Eric Otto

2012 Awards Committee for 2011

Pilgrim Jury: Gary Wolfe (ch), Marleen Barr, Brian Attebery

Pioneer Jury: De Witt Kilgore (ch), Neil Easterbrook, Keren Omry

Clareson Jury: Paul Kincaid (ch), Andy Sawyer, Joan Gordon

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Jason Ellis (ch), Susan George, Sharon Sharp

Student Paper Jury: David Mead (ch), Alfredo Suppia, James Thrall

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