SFRA 2016

Systems and Knowledge

28 June – 30 June 2016

Hosts: University of Liverpool/CRSF 2016
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

The University of Liverpool is a centre for the study of speculative fiction. It hosts the Science Fiction Foundation’s science fiction collection, the largest in Europe, and from 1994-2012 ran the first masters course in Science Fiction Studies in the UK. Two dedicated SF modules are currently run as part of the MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature, “Using the Science Fiction Archive” and “Science Fiction and the Contemporary.” It is also home to the successful annual postgraduate conference, Current Research in Speculative Fictions (CRSF), which will be running for a sixth year in 2016.

The University of Liverpool hosted the Science Fiction Research Association’s (SFRA) annual conference in 2016 as a joint event with CRSF 2016. The theme of the conference was “Systems and Knowledge,” and it built on the University of Liverpool’s reputation as a centre for the study of speculative fiction.

CRSF 2016/SFRA 2016 took place on the 27th-30th June. Guests of honour were Dr. Joan Haran (Cardiff University), Professor Emeritus Andrew Milner (Monash University), and Andy Sawyer (Science Fiction Foundation Librarian, University of Liverpool). As part of SFRA 2016, Andy Sawyer curated an exhibition on science fiction.


Chris Pak
Will Slocombe

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