2023-2024 (Track A)

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Terra Gasque

Joy Hancock

Brief Bio

Terra Mae Gasque is a genderflux, neurodivergent, 33-year-old currently finishing her PhD in Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology and beginning her foray into the professional academic world. She currently resides with her wife and their cat in Atlanta, Georgia where she likes to build models, play TTRPGs with friends, and ravenously consume horror games and media to relax after a long day.

Research Summary

Terra is a neuroqueer researcher investigating how the experiences from living outside the “norm” of society results in queer and neurodivergent individuals creating unique metaphors and storytelling techniques that often differ from traditional narratives. Her current research attempts to expand digital narrative designs to include concepts like Queer Failure so that neuroqueer stories might be understood within and more widely studied by the academic community. To accomplish this Terra synthesizes theoretical elements from Queer Theory, Digital Media, and Science Fiction Studies in addition to
designing and building media experiences across a wide range of technologies and mediums.

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