We are pleased to announce the acceptance of Student Paper Award Submissions for 2023-24.  If you or a student of yours presented at the conference in Dresden and would like to be considered for this award, please see below for instructions. 

In order to be eligible, all you have to do is send in the paper that you presented as you presented it (no revised or extended versions, other than light editing to correct typos). Please attach all presentations (preferably in Microsoft Word or PDF format; including presentation files from PowerPoint or Prezi is fine) to an email with the subject line “SFRA Student Paper Award Submission” and send them to kagreer@georgiasouthern.edu  

In order to keep items together and ensure we match your presentation with your paper, please name the files as such “Last Name.First Initial.Paper or Presentation” (example: Greer.K.Paper and Greer.K.Presentation). Submissions are due by October 31, 2023.The Committee looks forward to receiving your submissions and reading your work.  

Kania Greer
Chair – Student Paper Awards Committee